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Store Shelving Canopy
Store Shelving Canopy

Store Shelving Canopy

A Store Shelving Canopy is basically created using a upper shelf, an L bracket known as a flange and wood planks to create the final Store Shelving Canopy.  For a handy person this is basically and easy task to complete.  Using our Store Shelving Canopy parts and pieces we can provide the wooden canopy in a desirable and attractive finish that will match most store shelving.  A lighting system can be also quickly and easily added to an existing canopy.

Canopy Systems Gondola & Wall Store Shelving Canopy Gondola & Wall Store Shelving Canopy

Wooden Canopies

Canopies can be created on either a Gondola Island aisle or a Wall aisle using a standard upper shelf directly mounting a wooden type canopy that is actually 2 pieces of wood firmly mounted together with two types of canopy ends available.

Canopy Lights

Lights can be mounted in either two different locations as shown on the image on the right.

Canopy Light Mount

Canopy Light Mount

Canopy End Panels

Two type of canopy ends are available for both Gondola Island aisles and Wall Aisles as shown on the image to the right.

One canopy is just a small canopy end that would just simply cover the shelf the wooden canopy is mounted to and the end of the wooden canopy section.

The second canopy end can cover the entire end of the shelving section.

Canopy End Only Pricing



17", 19", & 21"

$30 $57
23", 25", & 27" $33 $59
29", 31" & 33" $36 $63

78" or 84" High Canopy End



17", 19", & 21"

$95 $157
23", 25", & 27" $118 $172
29", 31" & 33" $150 $210
90" or 96" High Canopy End



17", 19", & 21"

$100 $157
23", 25", & 27" $127 $172
29", 31" & 33" $162 $210

Deluxe Canopy Component

The wooden canopy face that simply mounts to a upper shelf with sheet metal screws is available in either four foot or eight foot sections for $99 each.

For laminate add $100 per pattern per order

wooden canopy face

All wood construction in either standard or specified laminate finish.  Three inch bottom return conceals light tube and fixture, precision doweling plus screws drive connectors insure light tight joints.

Canopy Light Fixtures & Tubes

Top Quality single tube or double tube light fixtures are available in either 24", 36", 48", or 96" lengths.  Lighting fixtures cab also be found at any hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes.  Pricing is a followed

Canopy Light Fixtures
Canopy Light Tubes

Light Fixtures

Single Tube

Double Tube

  Light Tubes in Packs of Six
24" $37 $58   24" $34
36" $37 $72   36" $65
48" $37 $61   48" $25
96" $84 $94   96" $69
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Store Shelving Canopy